Saturday, July 9, 2016

He might not be able to walk and might not be able to talk but in no way does it stop him from making full use of the splash park. 
My gosh this kid is a joy!  We love him so much. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Always swell when you pull up home and access has three of your kids at the front door while the driver you have guess is talking to 911 whom he called because one of them had a seizure. 

Dude! Did no one tell you she has a million seizures a day?!

No 911 operator we do not need an ambulance. She has a seizure disorder. This happens every day bunches of times a day. Yes I'm sure we don't need the ambulance. She is up and walking and is fine. Thank you 911 lady no I'm quite sure we won't be needing to call you back. 

Hello Access office guy. Yes she's fine. I am not fine. Quit putting my kids in taxis special drivers or not! The drivers are not trained for kids like mine even though they drive for Access. Im not raising my voice at you because you will know if I am raising my voice at you. No you don't need to call the ambulance for every seizure on the bus or at the door as my girls do it regularly. No I don't need to read your policy manual my kids who seizure all the time on the bus do not have the ambulance called each event.
I was having such a good day until people happened. Don't get me started on the FedEx situation....

Monday, June 20, 2016

It has been twenty days since the little booger moved in and we couldn't be more smitten.  This is a problem.  One we can manage but a problem none the less.  Originally when I was approached about taking him through foster care it was a pretty much for sure thing that he would be staying.  I assumed....and you know the saying about assuming.....that would mean no visits with family.  BIG WRONG.  Every Sunday with parents and every other Saturday with another family member.  The good news is everybody loves him.  The not so good news is our lives revolve around when and where the boy is.  Our plans are secondary to what is determined by the extra adults that come with a new little person.

What I know for now is that his Royal Sweetness will be with us until December at the minimum when his future with his family will be decided.  I had forgotten how difficult this road can be when your own goal is always permanence.  Times have changed in my family as well as there are more emotions to consider when entering foster world.  I can feel the heartbreak of loss but understand our hopefully positive role in a little person's life for however long we have them but that is not so easy for the kids especially kids with processing issues.  The visits help though with keeping it forefront and centre that there is another family out there that loves this little boy as much as we do.  Reiterating that to the kids and that we will love him as hard as we can for as long as we can.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Monday, May 30, 2016


Move in day is TOMORROW!
Well it's Monday.

What oh what might the day bring?

Could it be a weeny boy?

Friday, May 27, 2016

Told you Fridays were big news days around here!

My license has successfully been transferred and a new one printed off.  Great right?!

The not so great news is that Teddy's worker who will be the boss of the when and how the move is done is off sick today.


That likely means Monday is out now for move in.

I might be a little on the excited however frustrated side.

At least we have movement