Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Today was a bugger. Bits of annoying drama at every turn. That being said it could have turned tragic.

M is legally blind. She sees far less than what she would like you to know. 
New bus driver. 
This morning he parks between us and the neighbours leaving the child with her vision impairment and cerebral palsy to find her way in the dark, through snow banks along the curb.
 Fine. New driver. 
I escort her down and explain the situation.

After school...driver pulls up across the road from the house and HAS THE BLIND KID CROSS THE ROAD BY HERSELF!!!!

She told me he would give her the thumbs up if it was safe to cross....
HALLLOOOOO!! She can't SEE what the heck if anything you are doing with your thumbs or your whole dang body from outside the bus!!!
S'rsly!  Why don't I drink?!