Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More pics. Man I wish I knew how to make this blog look better!

During our time in the mountains I thought I would not let my children outdo me in the parallel bar event.  I drew the line at standing on them...


It really was a good day

At the risk of of sounding more crazy than usual....
This butterfly hung with us while we gassed up.  Along with doing a butterfly release a few months after Ailish died with all our friends and family we did another with just us at this location a month after.  I like to think Ailish came with us again.....

The main lodge.  So gorgeous...both the child and the location

Out of order but I can't fix it.  Oh well!

Monday, August 25, 2014

A peek at our summer

Nothing exciting to post.  The summer has been great as far as weather has been concerned and we have all enjoyed it.  The big kids have their adult day programs as usual and with some encouragement I have finally got the staff there offering more outdoor summer activities.  I shouldn't have to be telling them this but.....

The teens have had their first taste of employment.  They have each been hired as one to one aides at a camp for kids with disabilities.  They were each excited to have the cash and though neither of them  is afraid of hard work if the need arises there eyes were opened to what is in store for them after graduation this coming school year.

The seven year old attended this same camp.  It is a great camp and a good introduction for her as it is well staffed with counsellors who are not afraid of kids with behaviours and in the end the child didn't show them too much short of one day.  It was a leap of faith for me.  At seven she is the youngest I have ever sent one of my kids to an all day camp however she was ready for it.  When the teens were her age they probably would have been ready too but they had each other to play with so it was Camp Mommy for them.

We have done a few day trips but nothing more than that as far as travelling.   I thought we might do a bit of a trip the last week before school started but one of the teens is having day surgery and we're not sure what recovery will be.  Turns out the weather is going to take a turn in all directions I thought we might go so I guess it is local we will be.

Here's a few pics of summer fun.  Beach day, an afternoon in the mountains and bubbles.  Life is always better with bubbles

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"What did you do today Mum?" ask the seemingly interested teen.
"I bought a bra" I reply
"Why did you do that?" I figure this question is valid for her seeing as she considers my girls to be shrinking....
"I want to look pretty for my boyfriend." I say knowing the response it will elicit.
"Ew" says one teen.
"I don't want to hear that" says the other
Lucky I want a boyfriend about as much as I want another dog. Or the dog we have.
"Mom your boobs are shrinking" says the darling teen as she has a snuggle before bed. 
"Thanks Sweetest child but look down and to the side...."

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Worth another watch

Monday, August 11, 2014

CAT tastrophe!

Near CAT tastrophe averted. This twit wants to be an outdoor cat not realizing a)it's illegal b) the neighbours illegal cats would likely kill him and c) if someone found him they would possibly keep him. More so he does not realize...and this is most important....my life would become a living nightmare of sobbing, depressed children because as you know....he is the chosen among chosen of cats. 
He was outside unbeknownst to me when I left the house at 11:30 and we returned at 4:30.
He is the first thing two of the kids look for.
I hope he had the bejeebers scared out of him and was really really hot in his luscious fur coat and +28 degrees.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Parenting teens has to be in my mind the equivalent of being a lion tamer.  When the lion is really really angry.  And a girl.  With differences in wiring.

It's wrong to use a whip though right?

(don't worry.  The question was rhetorical)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Trust me

Dear Neurology Fellow in the big bad adult healthcare system. I have six....count them six kids with seizures. All kinds of seizures. Big ones, small ones, middle of the road sized seizures. I know what causes them in my kids and I know what to look for in drug reactions and interactions. I know if my kids are sick or hinting at getting sick, what seizures are only specific to certain times of the month and what if anything might be causing an out of ordinary increase in seizure activity. On a given day I can be witness to give or take five or so seizures of all different varieties depending on the child and their creative nature that day. We also score points around her for gymnastic ability while semi conscious. This all being said....trust me when I tell you whatever it is I am telling you. It's just easier that way.

Trust me

Come'on Friday! You can do it!

Here we are Friday.  You know you are a big event day in this house.  Fridays over the years have traditionally been days where I would receive calls that may or may not mean a baby is coming and then the office is closed for the weekend before I could back to them or we have to wait until the following week to meet.  It was a Friday also when Ailish died.  Fridays then are sort of the yank the Wheatley chain day of the week.  This is why I traditionally love Mondays unlike most folk.  Mondays are when everyone is back to work and things get moving.

Today would be a perfect day to be called to adopt a newborn baby.  Just sayin.  First it's Friday.  Second....well never mind there is no second.  Every day is a perfect day to be called about a baby.

So remember everyone....especially you Canadian folks......spread the word.  We're here with open arms to welcome a new little bundle.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I have no idea how to link the right way but this lovely girl's story touches me.  She is listed with Reeces Rainbow and is available for adoption.  If any of you have ever had a thought at international adoption.....Ivey needs you!


31209225022 IveyGirl, born 2001

From a family that met her early 2014: She is SO smart and funny and has the best sense of humor. When we were in there, she asked the staff if it was possible to get a family for herself, but they felt the answer would be no- because no one would want someone as badly disabled as she was. She can do nothing for herself physically, her limbs are twisted very badly, and unlike many of the others, she cannot feed herself. She lies on the couch and another older girl, also disabled, comes and feeds her. But she is amazing- despite her lack of formal schooling, she has memorized poems, and such. But she is also a fantastic conversationalist. She reads, can write some (limitations of her arms), has an incredible memory and method of delivery of things she has memorized (she also sang for us). She loves the color yellow and loves dressing up to feel pretty. She also loves to watch cartoons, but is ok with “serious dramas” on tv too lol! she’s spending her days on a couch, wishing for a family she fears will never come because her limbs are twisted and she cannot be “useful.” I am praying with all my heart that there is a family out there that recognizes that a person’s worth is not measured by what they can physically do- and will cross the ocean to call her daughter, because I truly believe she would be an incredible addition to a family. She’s spunky and overcame her hesitation about potential rejection, in order to ask me if I would please see if I could find her a family.
$365.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!
Just got word I have a vomiter on their way home. Lucky the seven year old is asking if she can do anything for me. Her offer was rescinded when I told her she could look after everyone when they got home as I thought a nap might be nice. "No way I'm not looking after someone who is vomitting! What if someone poops?!" Welcome to my world Sista. Welcome to my world

Friday, August 1, 2014

the wait continues

It might not come as a shock to any of you but I have not yet been successful in adopting a new baby.  Yet.  Hope continues to spring eternal and as much of a long shot as it might seem it ain't over till it's over and the fat lady sings.  I'm not singing.  Yet.

Since November there were a few glimmers of hope that our wait would be over and the baby of my dreams would be coming home.  There has been a dry spell of those too.

I am doing what I can to increase the awareness that we are ready and willing and able.  I don't think there is a single person I have talked to that doesn't know my desire to adopt a baby.  I keep in contact with the few private agencies we have here.  I have tried calling other provinces but the way our country completes adoptions it would definitely be an even longer shot unless of course the family themselves became aware of me and then a direct placement could be made then making sure all the rules and regulations of each province were met.  This is why I shamelessly talk about it.  Word of mouth might just be what tips the scales for me.  So pssst spread the word especially if you're local....but even if you're not.

I know, I KNOW there is one more baby out there for us.

What I don't know is whether both baby and I will be in diapers by the time they get here.....