Monday, August 25, 2014

A peek at our summer

Nothing exciting to post.  The summer has been great as far as weather has been concerned and we have all enjoyed it.  The big kids have their adult day programs as usual and with some encouragement I have finally got the staff there offering more outdoor summer activities.  I shouldn't have to be telling them this but.....

The teens have had their first taste of employment.  They have each been hired as one to one aides at a camp for kids with disabilities.  They were each excited to have the cash and though neither of them  is afraid of hard work if the need arises there eyes were opened to what is in store for them after graduation this coming school year.

The seven year old attended this same camp.  It is a great camp and a good introduction for her as it is well staffed with counsellors who are not afraid of kids with behaviours and in the end the child didn't show them too much short of one day.  It was a leap of faith for me.  At seven she is the youngest I have ever sent one of my kids to an all day camp however she was ready for it.  When the teens were her age they probably would have been ready too but they had each other to play with so it was Camp Mommy for them.

We have done a few day trips but nothing more than that as far as travelling.   I thought we might do a bit of a trip the last week before school started but one of the teens is having day surgery and we're not sure what recovery will be.  Turns out the weather is going to take a turn in all directions I thought we might go so I guess it is local we will be.

Here's a few pics of summer fun.  Beach day, an afternoon in the mountains and bubbles.  Life is always better with bubbles

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anne marie said...

The pics tell it all. Looks like you had an awesome summer. I see lots of smiles. Happy kids equal a happy mama!