Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our Grand but Little Adventure

Our not so big adventure to get away before the rigours of the school year begin was 'simply' to drive the five (I use the number loosely) hours to enter into the US and do some cross border shopping.  Nothing says fun like taking eleven kids power shopping in another county with nine of them wondering what manner of hell has befallen them.

For us crossing the border is always exciting.  The type of vehicle that is our family vehicle differs from the norm as it the number of people in it.  We draw some attention.  That is never good for customs agents.  I want to say that I loathe all of them however I must think nothing but positive thoughts about them as I need to try and break back into Canada tomorrow.  Believe it or not I often have more trouble getting back into my own country than leaving it.

Two travelling days and two full days of shopping and eating out.  Money spent.  Lots of money spent.  The upside is it was all necessary spending for back to school.

Because the kids here in Great Falls have been back in school for a couple of weeks the stores were quiet.  This worked perfectly for us as it was like the stores were open only for us.  Jordan and Malia even had a game of soccer down one of the toy ailes, not something I normally condone however I don't normally shop with eleven kids.

Dining was great for us too.  Our hotel has a restaurant that has a free breakfast.  It was so good and so filling.  I think they really had to have lost money on us!  We didn't eat until later in the morning so had the place almost to ourselves.  The best place to eat for families bar none is the Golden Corral.  Tons of food, tons of variety and when you are a large group they give you a section to yourself.   At first I wasn't sure if they put us in our own private section because we are who we are but when they decided to put us in there they didn't know anything about us except our size.  

pizza hut first night there


excited for supper

laugh Phoenix, laugh

Samantha's place of zen

happy girl

flying fish


private dining

us and Thomas Jefferson

All in all it was a nice time away.  There was the usual lack of sleep and the crabbiness that comes with that but the kids were patient with me anyway....  Nah I kid.  We did have a couple that had an increase in number  and intensity of seizures but as I write this the night before we leave to go home...injuries have been avoided...touch wood....touch wood.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not a Family

It has been brought to my attention by a US customs agent that we are not a family.  

I guess someone forgot to tell the kids.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Where will they end up next?

Where will this crazy family end up next?  The bags are starting to get packed.  The kids are excited. The dog is headed for the kennel.  All the meds have been ordered and delivered.  We have enough diapers for big and small and formula for those that require it.  The laundry is done (ok, really just the stuff we need is done and even in saying that it's pushing it as there is some still drying), outfits arranged.  Now all it will take is for everything to get into their respective bags and nothing forgotten.  I'm thinkin it would be hard to track down a feeding pump charger or something else of like.
Ha!  Like it only takes one bag for us to travel!

"ummm, ya....did I hear kennel?  Please don't make me go. Please don't make me go!  There's d.o.g.s at that place...
We're not going anywhere to big or exciting but I felt the need to get away.  The kids of course are all done summer day camps, sleep away camps etc and we have a week before school starts.  I want to not have to get up by a heart stopping alarm clock for a few days.  I didn't want a staycation but wanted a bit of a change.  

The weight of grief still remains and feels increasingly palpable at this time when I would have been preparing Ailish for back to school with her new shoes, clothes etc.  Getting away....running it what you will...we're getting out of Dodge.

Crown not Harry's

Who needs diamonds and pearls when I have jewelry like this.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Both "in a better place"

What a stupid phrase!  One I hate the most but yet is always said with good intentions.  When you are the bereaved, when you are the one with empty arms and heart you think the best place is with you.  It might seem selfish, maybe even blasphemy yet it is the truth.  Sure there are the situations where it is obvious that no healing will occur and any remaining time on earth only involves suffering.  What we want then is our cake and to eat it too.  We want our loved ones healed and in our arms.  There comes an age when death is more appropriate to occur.  I haven't experienced that loss yet.  I will assume the feelings will be of sadness but not those of being totally ripped off.  Hopefully I will see that a life well lived has simply come to an end.

The picture posted is of two lives cut short.  One tragically and unexpected and one some would consider less tragic and less unexpected.  The child of course is Ailish.  I think we could say her life was one well lived.  She was included in everything, enjoyed good health for someone with her condition and exceeded all expectations (mainly because no one had any of her including living out her first year).  Perhaps some would say that Ailish's life was not cut short.  With no real thought that she would survive and then to do so for eleven years it might be considered that she lived not only a good life but a long one too.  That's my 'intellectual'  and philosophical side talking.  My emotional side says "BALLS to that!"  She was a child and children are not supposed to die.

The woman beside Ailish has a mother, father and brother whom might, though I cannot speak for them, think that being a physically present, living breathing part of their every day lives might be the better place for her.  Her name is Robin and five years ago she was mauled and killed by a bear.  I do not pretend to have known her well but what I did know was she was a beautiful and intelligent girl with a great spirit that included some funk.  She had kewl hair styles and wore many colours.  Robin was an occupational therapist at Ailish's preschool.  What I do know about Robin is that at thirty one years of age her life was far too short.

I'm not entirely sure what I am trying to say in this post.  I found this picture from a family fun day and it got me thinking how both these beautiful girls are gone, both missed desperately by their families and then that same day I found the picture I heard the phrase "in a better place".

All I have to say about that is God has some sp'lainin to do should I ever get the opportunity to pose some questions.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Rebel with a cause

"Will not show emotion.  Not happiness, love, sadness."  "Will not recognize you."
"Missing what it takes to be human"

Someone should really inform the kids living and thriving with hydranencephaly of these things.  Rebels that they are having the nerve to break all the rules. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Put in my place

"I need my bed"  the boy's usual way of telling me he wants to go to bed.  We talk a bit about day camp tomorrow and he says again "I need my bed".  "Ok" I say, "goodnight Baby".  He turns towards his bedroom then comes back to me and in his halting speech says "I'm not baby.  I Donovan"

S'cuse ME!  Where did this come from?!  We then had to have a conversation that flew way over his head that even when he was a big big man even bigger than the tall teenager he is now, he will ALWAYS be my baby.  Then I smacked him upside his head for growing up. (ok I didnt but it crossed my mind)

Crack for Lizards

Here I am again....the lizard whisperer.

The child has returned to camp leaving me to tend to the icky creature.  When we went to the pet store to stock up on crickets on death row we learned there were none but in their place we could feed icky creature live worms.  Again with the live.  Believe it or not I prefer the worms as they are not trying jump away from me or god forbid jump on me as they fight for their lives.  These things are much more resigned to their fate seemingly understanding their role in the ecosystem of being a food supply.

Turns out the worms for icky creatures are like crack.  She loves them.  Can't get enough of them.  This is helpful to me as then feeding time is quicker and I have to spend less time with icky creature.

Psst...ya know where I can score me some worms? just need a couple...ya take the edge off.  I can pay.  No. Really

Take a look at what I found was being used to feed the worms to the lizard.

Why yes those are MY eyebrow tweezers!  Would we expect anything different?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Neighbourhood Watch

Take care neighbours!  Nessa is watching you!  I'm not sure what she is hoping to see but she has her eye on you.  If only she could talk.  Hmmm maybe not.  I've called her some pretty choice names and I would rather she not repeat them.  We will just respect her goals as a 'watch' dog and not a talking dog.

Friday, August 17, 2012

How we were almost eaten alive but then weren't

OMG!  I know right?!  She, err, he, well it is the cutest little piggy evah!  Couldn't you just eat her all up?  Oops...maybe that's not appropriate in this instance.  Don't you just wanna squeeze the bacon right out of it?!

Well don't be fooled folks.   Don't you be fooled.  This little piggy my friends is a savage!

I had a joint birthday party for my three summer kids.  We had sno cones, cotton candy and a petting farm.  Good times.  I took H who by the way is miraculously turning FIVE this month down the hill to see all the little adorable farm animals.  Baby goats, lambs, chicks, bunnies and piglets.  All harmless.  You would assume....

Because I love and adore my son I sat amongst the critters and where they poop I might add, so that he might see, touch and experience the farm. soft, so sweet

Baa Baa Black Sheep....
Then along comes Porker Pirhana!  She was relentless the silly sausage on legs!  If I tried to shoo her she would bite me.  Pigs have teeth People and they hurt.  She obviously thought I smelled delicious and wanted me on her breakfast/supper table as she kept at me...fingers, toes....all my little piggies and they definitely wanted her to wee wee her way home!
Yes that is my finger in her mouth!

Then she went for the Baby!  Too far Porker!  Too far!

   at this point she was just having a sniff

Good mother that I am I stuff my hand into the pigs mouth so she didnt get a bite at the boy

When complaints were made to the teenagers supervising the farm we were told "oh she's just trying to say hello".  Ok come over and say hi to Biting Betty.

I'm not a bacon fan but I tell you I had visions of that thing laying in strips on my stove.  Just sayin