Friday, August 17, 2012

How we were almost eaten alive but then weren't

OMG!  I know right?!  She, err, he, well it is the cutest little piggy evah!  Couldn't you just eat her all up?  Oops...maybe that's not appropriate in this instance.  Don't you just wanna squeeze the bacon right out of it?!

Well don't be fooled folks.   Don't you be fooled.  This little piggy my friends is a savage!

I had a joint birthday party for my three summer kids.  We had sno cones, cotton candy and a petting farm.  Good times.  I took H who by the way is miraculously turning FIVE this month down the hill to see all the little adorable farm animals.  Baby goats, lambs, chicks, bunnies and piglets.  All harmless.  You would assume....

Because I love and adore my son I sat amongst the critters and where they poop I might add, so that he might see, touch and experience the farm. soft, so sweet

Baa Baa Black Sheep....
Then along comes Porker Pirhana!  She was relentless the silly sausage on legs!  If I tried to shoo her she would bite me.  Pigs have teeth People and they hurt.  She obviously thought I smelled delicious and wanted me on her breakfast/supper table as she kept at me...fingers, toes....all my little piggies and they definitely wanted her to wee wee her way home!
Yes that is my finger in her mouth!

Then she went for the Baby!  Too far Porker!  Too far!

   at this point she was just having a sniff

Good mother that I am I stuff my hand into the pigs mouth so she didnt get a bite at the boy

When complaints were made to the teenagers supervising the farm we were told "oh she's just trying to say hello".  Ok come over and say hi to Biting Betty.

I'm not a bacon fan but I tell you I had visions of that thing laying in strips on my stove.  Just sayin

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Rachel K said...

You are just the best mum ever. What a fantastic birthday treat for your kiddies. That little piggy sounds horrible, what a pest. You're so brave putting your hand in her mouth. Your shoe would have been better.