Friday, August 10, 2012

Whipped by a five year old

It is perfectly clear who is running the house and this is just one bit of evidence.  "Baby Alive" (no amount of convincing her mother has succeeded in giving the poor plastic baby a real name) comes everywhere.  She comes shopping, all bus rides etc.  Rarely however is her pint sized mother taking care of her.  It is I or one of the teens who are left to carry Baby Alive and buckle her in the bus.  I have had many a comment about my adorable baby.  If I'm not careful this might lead me down the path of ordering one of those creepy albeit beautiful dolls that crazy folk take out in strollers!

If the doll has to be moved in the bus and Malia is all ready in her seat we are all careful that dolly is rear facing as any good mother knows and buckled safely.  Before the girls are allowed to leave the vehicle for camp they must kiss dolly and tell her they love her.  One made the mistake of muttering under her breath "I can't believe I have to kiss the stupid doll" only to hear a pitiful voice say "she called my baby stupid".  Apologies were uttered and forgiveness offered.

We are soooo whipped....