Sunday, August 5, 2012

Queen of the Masquerade

Queen of the masquerade.  It really is possible to smile through your day, slip and slide with your kids, dance to the music at the stop lights while in the vehicle (I'm not that brave or crazy) for the simple pleasure of embarassing your teens (like can anyone can see them through the tinted windows to connect them to me), make preparations for a big summer party all the while on the brink of dissolving into a puddle.  No one would know.

I am by nature, I think I have said before, not inclined for making puddles.  Totally not my way.  Not a sobber, ballywhooer, wailer, squaller.  I might get teary, maybe have leaky eyes over a movie but generally not real life stuff.  Strange, maybe but that's the way it is.  Today has been a tad different.  I still have not done any of the aforementioned but it feels right on the surface and I'm afraid one wrong move...

I blame hormones.  Stinkin things!  It's all fine and dandy that they monitor the various physiological balances in the body but that is where their impact must cease.  There should be absolutely no reason for them to wreck havoc anywhere else in the body most specifically emotions.  I refuse to allow it...dead kid or not.

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