Monday, August 27, 2012

Where will they end up next?

Where will this crazy family end up next?  The bags are starting to get packed.  The kids are excited. The dog is headed for the kennel.  All the meds have been ordered and delivered.  We have enough diapers for big and small and formula for those that require it.  The laundry is done (ok, really just the stuff we need is done and even in saying that it's pushing it as there is some still drying), outfits arranged.  Now all it will take is for everything to get into their respective bags and nothing forgotten.  I'm thinkin it would be hard to track down a feeding pump charger or something else of like.
Ha!  Like it only takes one bag for us to travel!

"ummm, ya....did I hear kennel?  Please don't make me go. Please don't make me go!  There's d.o.g.s at that place...
We're not going anywhere to big or exciting but I felt the need to get away.  The kids of course are all done summer day camps, sleep away camps etc and we have a week before school starts.  I want to not have to get up by a heart stopping alarm clock for a few days.  I didn't want a staycation but wanted a bit of a change.  

The weight of grief still remains and feels increasingly palpable at this time when I would have been preparing Ailish for back to school with her new shoes, clothes etc.  Getting away....running it what you will...we're getting out of Dodge.

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The Kings said...

Hope your trip brings you some peace. I just want to run away too.