Thursday, August 23, 2007

That will be 'IT'

To my darling children

I love you. I love you more than Mr. Christie has cookies. Words cannot fully describe to you the depth of my feelings for each and every one of you. Every day I awaken with the knowledge that you are my children and together we make up a family of truly outstanding individuals. You make me laugh and cry tears of shear happiness. There is not a day that goes by that I do not express my gratitude to the heavens for the ties that bind us. That all being said....the next time one of you pees on the bathroom floor will be IT. The next time one of you spills/pours (really what's the difference) some form of liquid onto the floor will be IT. If crackers, potatoe chips, Doritos or anything else crunchy gets ground into the carpet especially after it has just been vacuumed that will be IT. If I step on one more dinky car, Lego, wooden puzzle piece or any hard toy in general, that will be IT. Should I see one more eye roll or foot stomping when asked to participate in chores, that will be IT. Should there be any more back chat to any directive I might give, that will be IT ( you might think that since only a couple of you are actually able to use words to communicate that I would be so filled with gratitude and simply be overjoyed in hearing the melodious sound of your voices but you would in fact be sadly mistaken) If I hear any disparaging remarks directed at any of your siblings or God save your soul, me, that will be IT. Should any of you lay hands on another in any other but loving way, that will be IT. If I am asked what is for supper and get any less than an "ok"or if I catch the mutterings of "yuck!" that will be more than IT.

I am hoping you are getting the point I am painfully trying to make. I have no clue what IT might be but I know when IT happens IT will not be good.

Love Mommy