Saturday, August 25, 2012

Both "in a better place"

What a stupid phrase!  One I hate the most but yet is always said with good intentions.  When you are the bereaved, when you are the one with empty arms and heart you think the best place is with you.  It might seem selfish, maybe even blasphemy yet it is the truth.  Sure there are the situations where it is obvious that no healing will occur and any remaining time on earth only involves suffering.  What we want then is our cake and to eat it too.  We want our loved ones healed and in our arms.  There comes an age when death is more appropriate to occur.  I haven't experienced that loss yet.  I will assume the feelings will be of sadness but not those of being totally ripped off.  Hopefully I will see that a life well lived has simply come to an end.

The picture posted is of two lives cut short.  One tragically and unexpected and one some would consider less tragic and less unexpected.  The child of course is Ailish.  I think we could say her life was one well lived.  She was included in everything, enjoyed good health for someone with her condition and exceeded all expectations (mainly because no one had any of her including living out her first year).  Perhaps some would say that Ailish's life was not cut short.  With no real thought that she would survive and then to do so for eleven years it might be considered that she lived not only a good life but a long one too.  That's my 'intellectual'  and philosophical side talking.  My emotional side says "BALLS to that!"  She was a child and children are not supposed to die.

The woman beside Ailish has a mother, father and brother whom might, though I cannot speak for them, think that being a physically present, living breathing part of their every day lives might be the better place for her.  Her name is Robin and five years ago she was mauled and killed by a bear.  I do not pretend to have known her well but what I did know was she was a beautiful and intelligent girl with a great spirit that included some funk.  She had kewl hair styles and wore many colours.  Robin was an occupational therapist at Ailish's preschool.  What I do know about Robin is that at thirty one years of age her life was far too short.

I'm not entirely sure what I am trying to say in this post.  I found this picture from a family fun day and it got me thinking how both these beautiful girls are gone, both missed desperately by their families and then that same day I found the picture I heard the phrase "in a better place".

All I have to say about that is God has some sp'lainin to do should I ever get the opportunity to pose some questions.

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