Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crack for Lizards

Here I am again....the lizard whisperer.

The child has returned to camp leaving me to tend to the icky creature.  When we went to the pet store to stock up on crickets on death row we learned there were none but in their place we could feed icky creature live worms.  Again with the live.  Believe it or not I prefer the worms as they are not trying jump away from me or god forbid jump on me as they fight for their lives.  These things are much more resigned to their fate seemingly understanding their role in the ecosystem of being a food supply.

Turns out the worms for icky creatures are like crack.  She loves them.  Can't get enough of them.  This is helpful to me as then feeding time is quicker and I have to spend less time with icky creature.

Psst...ya know where I can score me some worms?
Ya..like....I just need a couple...ya know...to take the edge off.  I can pay.  No. Really

Take a look at what I found was being used to feed the worms to the lizard.

Why yes those are MY eyebrow tweezers!  Would we expect anything different?

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