Friday, August 8, 2014

Come'on Friday! You can do it!

Here we are Friday.  You know you are a big event day in this house.  Fridays over the years have traditionally been days where I would receive calls that may or may not mean a baby is coming and then the office is closed for the weekend before I could back to them or we have to wait until the following week to meet.  It was a Friday also when Ailish died.  Fridays then are sort of the yank the Wheatley chain day of the week.  This is why I traditionally love Mondays unlike most folk.  Mondays are when everyone is back to work and things get moving.

Today would be a perfect day to be called to adopt a newborn baby.  Just sayin.  First it's Friday.  Second....well never mind there is no second.  Every day is a perfect day to be called about a baby.

So remember everyone....especially you Canadian folks......spread the word.  We're here with open arms to welcome a new little bundle.

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