Tuesday, April 29, 2014

was there ever any question?

Was called by the seven year old's school to come to a meeting revealing the results of psychological testing done a couple months ago.  It will give us a standardized picture of where her strengths and weakness are, an overall best guess at her IQ and ultimately lead to how to best approach her academically.

During the call I said to the psychologist that I knew what the results would be as far as scores and suggested to her that my dolly was nothing short of gifted.

The psychologist lady's response was guarded as you know she had to save the big reveal until the meeting tomorrow so she would only go so far as to say "well I don't know that she is gifted

I didn't have her finish because I know....we all know what she wanted to say....

"Of course your daughter is gifted!  Was there ever any doubt?!"

The meeting is tomorrow.


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