Monday, July 6, 2015

Rock and Roll

What is this you might ask?  This is the aftermath of one of many seizures that happen daily by a number of the kids.  If we're lucky the flipping of chairs and tossing of food doesn't occur more than twice a day  and if we're really REALLY lucky there is no blood from scrapes, gashes or deep cuts.

I dont mention much of the crappy parts of our day but this is a reality.  Four of the kids have intractable  seizures that being seizures that are resistant to any medications.  Every day is a crap shoot as to whether I will need to pick one of them up from their program to get glued, stitched, or whether I will be meeting them at the hospital because the injuries are significant to warrant X-rays or  CT scan.  
When we are out together I am always on alert as to who might go down and how to position everyone to prevent injury when the inevitable happens.  One I have holding onto one of the others wheelchairs with her left hand as when she goes down that's the direction she's headed.  Her sister I have just recently resorted to using an adapted stroller due to her penchant for stimulating herself to seize by the refraction of light.  Unfortunately their older sister is not so predictable with her seizures.  With her it is a matter of hoping that if one starts I am able to catch her before concrete or floor meet her head.

We are loads of fun to go out with.

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