Friday, November 6, 2015

Points of interest

Points of interest

A pizza slice bought at a gas station will taste like pizza bought at a gas station.

Three cats shed A. LOT

If you organize yourself including taking yourself out of your pyjamas and putting on bra and lashes
for a meeting at your home said meeting will be cancelled.

Cancelled meetings are the best kind of meeting to have except it will have to be rescheduled thus making you repeat the process.

When your grown, tall nonverbal children who are developmentally toddlers misbehave on their buses or in their programs it is expected that you will "talk to them" and fix the problem.

Often times the good intentions to clean storage closets and cupboard are just that....good intentions.

There are people whom for years you will believe to be your close friend will use you for what they can get from you and then for reasons only known to them will attempt to destroy your credibility and reputation within a shared community.

I am very naive.

Rememberance Day and decorating for Christmas are two unrelated things. Not decorating before
November 11 does not make a person more respectful of those who have lost or dedicated their lives to serve their country than those who do decorate.

Grief is a way of life and exists every single day when your child dies.

Grief is probably the same for those who lose anyone integral in their lives.

Grief is stupid.

Kids dying is stupid.

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