Friday, December 11, 2015

Just testing

Being the parent of dependent kids physical strength is important. I'm what I call a "big strong girl from farm". I am not from the farm though big would be a good adjective to describe me. That being said I like to test myself every once in a while to see exactly how 'functionally' strong I am meaning how much weight can I actually lift, carry and or transfer. 

The little warrior is quadriplegic so has no weight bearing skills and will require lifelong full support for all of his positioning. I was lucky with Ailish as she had reached her full height at age nine or maybe earlier so her final height and weight at her passing was that of a kindergartener. Though small for his age there is no reason to predict that the little warrior will not continue to grow to be the size of an adult even if it is a small one. 

Luckily for me I have someone the perfect size to assess my skills!  I'm really hopeful the boy does not grow to be bigger than her. Certainly there are lifts etc and we will make use of whatever makes life easier however for time and ease and even quality of life for him lifting and moving is so much easier without all the rigamrol of equipment. It goes without saying however that safety for both him and myself is paramount and we will adapt as necessary. 

That all being said you might be pleased to know I am still able to lift and carry safely 95 lbs!  You might also be amused that my 18 year old still fits in a crib....

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