Sunday, May 15, 2016

Change is in the air!!

Nothing is ever for sure.

I trust few when it comes to the growth of our family.

There have been so many close calls in the last SIX years.  Situations that I thought were most definitely our dream come true.  The stars were aligned I thought.  Our wait was over!  Then something would happen.  A change of heart by the first family, us not being the chosen family or the most maddening, bureaucracy rearing its ever ugly head dashing all hopes.

This most current 'situation' of whom I speak is not adoption but as far as I am told long term nonetheless.  We are the chosen ones and we choose him right back.  Until his sweet head rests in his new crib in his new room I will not fully believe it will happen.  All things going well I think it will be under two weeks before the stork arrives with its two and a half year old bundle of sweetness.

We have met him and let me tell you....charming, delightful, precious only scratch the surface of describing him.

Fingers crossed!

Oh....and I might have another secret too.....


Extreme parenting said...

So happy for you, I hope everything works out for you!

Tricia wheatley said...