Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Personal Christmas

Christmas morning around here is both the same and different at most houses.  There is the rip tearing and shreading of paper and the squeals of delight with each unwrapped treasure and then the thrill of having more to unwrap.  There is the gathering their loot into individual piles and then the godforsaken packaging that Fort Knox must be easier to get into.  Where it is a bit different is that some of the kids appear indifferent to the fray and prefer to keep to their regular morning routine.  They take their same toys from yesterday to the place they like to sit and wait patiently for breakfast to be served though later than usual.  And different.  Breakfast is different on Christmas.  Unless you like porridge and really must have your porridge.

What I have done over the years is evolve to the point that everyone does not have to be in the same room opening gifts at the same time.   That's my romantic vision.  The reality is that some of the kids could care less about presents and much less having to work for them by getting through an entire tree's worth of paper.  For these kids I now use Santa sacks and they get their own personal Christmas and photo shoot.  When the time is right any time from Christmas day to a couple of days later each of the kids is sat down, usually with an audience and they are coached and assisted through their presents.  This works sooo much better.  Everyone is happy.  As I have cough choke aged I have let go of some of the Norman Rockwell or romantacized visions of how I think things should go and gone with what works.  Look at me...evolving....just like an ape....

new hair, maraca, slinky....really what more could you want?!

"I'm smiling cause I know she likes it but I'm quite sure I hate this hat!"

Did you forget I'm almost thirty years old?  S'rsly!

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The Kings said...

Amazing family! You are an amazing Mum Tricia. I kept looking at all those presents wondering how you do it all :)