Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"You're a good tooth puller outer"

Why oh why must she grow up?  I love this age and younger.  Not that I don't love them as much when they are older of course but it is the under six crowd that still think you're the bomb.  And really....I AM the bomb!  Why is it that the older crowd loses sight of that?  I digress.

The tooth fairy came and though she did not leave the "one hundred million dollars" the child thought her tooth was worth she was happy with the five.  The teens of course thought they were majorally ripped off from their tooth fairy days when all they got was a paltry two dollars and then of course there was the moaning about how the tooth fairy didn't come at all.  Here is maybe where their whining has merit.  I will admit to forgetting about some of the later teeth...  Oh well they can take that and I'm sure any other of my parental failures up with future therapists they might have. 

For now I have a one less toothed happy six year old whose first tooth fairy experience was a total success.  I on the other hand may or may not be a blubbering mess as this adorable, brilliant outstanding little person makes her way through one more developmental stage on her way to growing up.

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