Thursday, March 6, 2014

I try

I was trying for Mother of the Year today.

What deserves the award more than banana cream pie with shaved chocolate on top?
(actually it is grated chocolate chips with a hint of skin.  Do you know how hard it it is to grate chocolate chips?)


BeeBelle said...

I have been trying to make a banana cream pie for weeks. We keep eating all of the bananas before I get to it!

Tricia wheatley said...

I probably wouldn't care if the bananas weren't in it but more so the graham cracker crust, cool whip and pudding! I should mention it is not a gourmet banana cream pie but and easy jello pudding pie!

kristine barr said...

Do you still have fingertips?

BeeBelle said...

Mine is Keebler crust, sliced bananas, Jell-O vanilla pudding, and Reddi Wip - no judging here!