Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another grand effort by teachers

Related to yesterday's post on the extraordinary effort of teachers and their support staff I would be remiss if I didn't talk about D's junior high school.  He is now completing his third year there "grade nine" and he will be starting high school in the Fall.  D is in a specialized classroom referred to as ACCESS where there are very basic academics and life skills taught.  I was not in favour of D going to a typical junior high.  I have never seen these classrooms be fully incorporated into the school community and for the most part the students with significant disabilities are treated as second class citizens or at best guests to be tolerated.  I have not been witness to them being included members of the school.  This is so not the case with this junior high and many kudos must be given to the administration as without their support these classrooms are substandard.  D and his peers have participated in the options classes, have eager buddies that offer a relationship that only same age kids can and have been treated to inclusion that doesn't exist everywhere for them.  This is actually harder than it might seem when the average developmental age in the class is about six.

Each year end there is a performance that is creative, includes everyone and celebrates each unique student.  Planning and practices actually start soon after Christmas break.  I am sure the preparations for this magical night extend far beyond school hours for the staff as props are sewn, built and painted.  When people complain about the teachers being overpaid (cough, choke, sputter) I wish they would consider how much of a teacher's twenty four hours are committed to their students.

I know I am grateful each year for all the hard work that goes into helping my kids reach for their potential.
the evening also is a time to show off some of the years best art work

Singing how they feel

Play "The Runaway Pancake"

Play based on The Three Little Pigs

The wolf is a natural born actor and was hysterical

The boy receiving his certificate of "graduation" from grade 9

Final group song with great participation of actions

Junior High was a very successful three years for D.  I can only hope the next three or four will offer the same

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Laurie Woelfle said...

I agree - it was a wonderful night - and this school does a phenomenal job helping our kids to be a part of a real school community. My boy is sure going to miss seeing his best friend everyday!