Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Year end parent tea

The littlest man is in a two part program  In the morning he attends a class that originated on the concepts of conductive education.  It is designed for kids with mobility issues and is therapy based.  Three of my kids have benefitted from this program and luckily enough for the most part they have all experienced the warm, loving nature and expertise of the same classroom staff.  After lunch the boy moves down the hall to his school age program with other students with multiple challenges. There he participates in a variety of sensory based activities.  The goal of course in each class is to maximize the boy's potential in all areas.

Today was the morning class end of year parent tea.  Let me tell you, I have been to a lot of parent teas.  A. LOT.  I always appreciate the effort teaching staff put into the planning and implementing of these special events.  Their heart and souls are put into them along with their creative genius.  Today's tea was a little extra special.  It wasn't special because my boy stood up from his wheelchair and not only became verbal but sang an aria.  That didn't happen.  It wasn't special because children with limited mobility participated in a jazz band while the others did the jitterbug.  Neither of those happened.  What occurred was unexplainably touching.  It was new, it incorporated all the kids, it told a story of their typical morning at school.  It also had lovely music and maybe that is what did me in but it really was lovely and I whole heartedly enjoyed it as did all the other parents.

Perhaps words and these pictures don't do it justice but trust was great!
bus arrives at school

teacher greets student

getting help with taking coat off

off to the classroom

a hand game

therapy balls and standing frames (thats my boy in the standing frame)

walking with a walker

waving hello

more therapy equipment

toys and standing frame (not my boy)

The littlest man