Thursday, September 4, 2014

disorganization reigns supreme

Man alive I wish I could grasp onto some degree of organization.  I know I know, everyone thinks that because I have thirteen kids that I must be so so organized.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Take today for example.  I pulled one of the teens out of school to go for her postop check at the children's hospital.  You know when you get there and the receptionist gives you a combined look of confusion and fear that this is not going to bode well for a successful appointment.  Her confusion comes from the doctor not having any more patients that day so why would we be standing before her saying we have an appointment.  Her fear comes from waiting to see who's fault it might be and if it was the clinic was I then going to have a meltdown right before her eyes.  Being I know myself all too well I inquired as to whether the appointment might indeed be tomorrow at the same time.  Not shocking to me it is.  In trying to rectify the situation and knowing we could be a quick check I inquired as to whether the doctor would be able to still see her because I know clinics like to mess with their timing to accommodate dopes like myself.  Turns out he was all ready behind so we will repeat the events of this morning tomorrow.

If that was not enough I return home to a message that I had missed an appointment for one of the others.  Yay me!  I love to make my incompetence plainly obvious.

Tomorrow's a new day where I can hopefully document on the calendar, read the calendar and once again create the facade that I indeed have it all together.

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