Thursday, September 25, 2014

We are undergoing some unexpected renovations.  This has involved the shuffling of kids into different bedrooms and having one in mine.  As the job was coming to an end today more drama was discovered which will lead to more renovations.
The kids are handling the disruption well.  Surprisingly a few of them noticed the new carpet and enjoyed sitting on it running their hands through its lovely new texture.  I made sure to remember to ask for the super dooper waterproof underlay....  The carpet guy when beginning to roll back the carpet to remove it said "umm I think I might need gloves".  A wise assumption I guess when you see brown stains covering the old underlay.  As good as a thought that was seeing as he had met the children and was letting his imagination run wild with what the stains were I was able to assure him it was indeed chocolate milk and pepsi.  I wonder if I sued the sippycup manufactures I could get my iMac replacement costs back and maybe some of the carpet costs too.  To be sure there is no more carrying around sippycups of chocolate milk.

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