Sunday, October 12, 2014

Corn Maze

Fun at our local corn maze.  This really is a great place to go and I think a good bang for your buck.  Unfortunately for us it is pricey as not only are there a lot of us but the majority fall into the adult fare.  It hurts the pocketbook a bit more too when a lot of my kids are not going to be making full use of the activities whether it be due to degree of disability or personal choice.  

Phoenix has a party no matter where she goes.  This is a giant air filled, rubber giant pillow for jumping on.  Great fun.  I think Malia and Phoenix could have stayed on it all day in spite of their war wounds.  You can get a pretty good friction burn of the thing but nothing was going to stop the good time.

With the help of big sister the boy got into the action as well.  He sends his cudos to the idea man on this contraption.
Donovan does not like to be off balance in any fashion.  He likes his world to be predictable, stable and where his two feet are firmly planted on the ground (that is unless he stands on his tip toes to show you how tall he has grown...).  This was him then being willing to step out of his comfort zone, put on his brave, though pained face and give it a go.  He sat very shortly after admits great applause.

Some of the kids made the most use out of the plentiful well placed picnic tables on the grounds.  Colleen enjoyed the sun but was not willing to partake in any frivolity if you will
 Great idea the ball throw is.  You can throw basketballs or footballs and there is a never-ending crowd taking part.  These three were there for quite some time.  Jordan is an excellent hoop shooter from way back so this was his favourite.  I too am not a bad shot however it appears my skillz are most accurate at chucking diapers into the garbage from across the room than they are a ball through a hoop.  There goes that new career in sports I was gunning for.They have a little train ride that takes you through the corn maze.  It's not long but it was something all the kids did and it went over pretty good.

The man really had a fun time.  We were not expecting as warm a temperature as it was but we sure weren't complaining

Samantha was another picnic table tester at the corn maze.  She was not totally thrilled with our location but once there was pepsi involved she got right with the program.

Our one bit of excitement in the afternoon was Hibo leaving the group and not being visible for a couple of minutes.  I know my daughter so immediately headed for the food shed and sure enough there she was pushed to the front of the line waiting and eying everyone's choices.  It would have been interesting to just watch her to see what her plan was but of course that would not be fair to the people and in the end degrading for Hibo.

The surprising willing participant to me was Amanda.  She willingly went on the bouncy pillow and was all about the many different slides.  The whole day was worth it just to see her actively involved when often times her choice is not to be

Phoenix could not get enough of the giant slides.  It took a lot of physical coordination to climb to the top but she was great with support.

Again with shooting hoops.  I wonder if we had such a setup if he would choose to playSurveying the corn field perhaps with some anxiety remembering the year we attempted the maze and it seemed like we would never come out alive.  The year we did it there was Malia in a stroller, Ailish in her wheelchair and I think Journey might have been on the injured list and in a chair.  Do you know how hard it is to turn twelve people around when you have entered into a dead end?  Just assume it. is. hard.  Especially when most of your crowd is only following you like they always do not knowing where they are supposed to be ending up and this is only serving to frustrate them.  There may or may not have been some tantrum like behaviour in the middle of the maze.  The kids were upset too.....  Moral of the story is I vowed as did the now teens that never again would we do the maze.  Ailish even lost a foot plate off her wheelchair and there was NO WAY I was going back in to look for it.

Spectaors to the big rolly wheel.        

All in all a challenging afternoon but so worth it.

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