Friday, October 24, 2014

entitlement prevention program

I detest the feelings of entitlement that are so prevalent in North America.  One phrase that grates me no end is "I deserve it".  You hear it a lot if you're prone to watching television.  "I deserve to win because I worked hard".  Bull Crap!  The reward for your hard work is the end result and the knowledge that it was through your dedication and effort you were able to achieve it.

Two things I am extremely grateful for in Canada is our healthcare and education systems.  Of course I have complaints about both but it is never lost on me that my issues are "first world" in nature.  I might not be thrilled with this doctor or that but I have access to them.  I might not like the way math is taught today compared to previous pedagogies however it is the law that my children be registered in school to learn it and other subjects.

Today after the seven year old repeated that dreaded phrase "I hate school" that she has said so many times (she actually doesn't, totally the opposite she loves it but doesn't want to admit it) I decided I needed to have more mature discussions with her about the unlimited opportunities she is afforded being born in the country she was and to create an awareness that not everyone in the world is as fortunate.  I told her about Malala Yousafzai.  It was a bonus that her name sounds a tad close to her own.  I told her how she fought and nearly died advocating for education for girls.  I told her how some countries don't believe girls should be educated.  I also told her about a girl missing the majority of all four limbs  and blind who wanted to read so badly she learned how to do braille with her nose.  These stories are accepted however just as the siblings before her they are so far from their comprehension that truly appreciating their worth is somewhat lost.  I don't believe my efforts are however.  I think it is hugely important to keep their good fortune at the forefronts of their minds to hopefully offset the feelings of entitlement that often times develop when no struggle to achieve what they have has occurred.

I think I'm right but it might just be my old age talking.....

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