Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dinner theatre

A week ago I took some of the kids to a dinner theatre where the play Frosty the Snowman.
 I have wanted to do it for years but have never been able to score front row tables for the eight year old which would be necessary due to her lack of vision.  The key was to decrease the number of kids I brought and boy was I glad I did.  The reality is the four kids I left home would not have enjoyed the performance and with it being buffet it would have been hell on wheels trying to get everybody fed.
As usual my photography in dim light leads to blurry pictures but here they are nonetheless.

He had a great time

I'm still trying after eight years to figure out how exactly she sees and how to best set her up for success .  Front table was the right choice but I think it becomes tiring and frustrating to figure out all that is going on and midway through she was asking to play a game on my iPhone.  To my credit I kept my voice down when I told her I did not organize tickets, appropriate clothing, childcare for the siblings and run my butt off on a school day in order we arrive on time for her to play friggin Freefall on my phone!  Okay so I just told her no but still.

Everytime Frosty was on stage the boy's eyes were glued.
After show meet and greet.  She was unsure she wanted to talk to the characters but after she mustered the courage she chatted them up good

The boy loves his picture taken with the girls
Star struck

In the story if you know it the magician guy is the world's worst magician with his tricks being pathetically executed.  A kid with a vision impairment makes a perfect audience for such a guy.  She applauded every time he said "ta da" etc

Not sure what to make of the snowman up close

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Anonymous said...

WOW your kids have certainly grown and changed so much! Looks like a fun evening.