Thursday, June 11, 2015

making friends where ever I go these days

A couple in their seventies drove up to me in the bus in a parking lot, rolled down their window and shouted profanities at me.  Apparently they were unimpressed with where I stopped the bus while the teen was in getting our lunch.

It seems they thought that the hundred and fifty year old driver did not have enough space to back out of his parking spot.  From where I was sitting they were out of the parking spot on the opposite side of where they were parked yelling at me so it seems they did get out.   In my defence they had another whole space between me and them when I parked.

In case you are wondering I am an asshole and a few other things.  There are a few folks in social services right now that share the same sentiment so she's in powerful company.

My response was to smile and say "thank you.  Have a nice day" which was met with more profanity. I poked the bear just a little and asked if she kissed her grandchildren with that mouth.  Her witty reply was she has no grandchildren.....

Nuff said

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