Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Could be our lucky day!

October 2 seems to be one of those days where a bunch of stuff is happening.  You the know the kind...all appointments that needed to be scheduled with everyone wanting this one day.  That is what has happened for today October 2.  We are entered into two draws, one for a smart brailler and one for an iPad 3.  Completely different unrelated draws.  Because I think a little on the magical side I thought we would win at least one of these.  There was another "sign" regarding the brailler but I can't really say what that was.  

The luck abounds here today so far...I got up on time after nearly falling back to sleep after turning off the alarm, everyone was cleaned, dressed and coifed on time for their buses and best of all....only one out of seven diapers was poopy!  That my friends is HUGE!  

I'm thinking if my luck continues today then not only will we win one or both prizes but I could get a call about a baby needing us to be their family!  Shut Up!  It could totally happen!

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