Friday, October 19, 2012

It's not all wine and roses in the Hood...the MuthaHood that is. Speaking of wine

There has been a lot of crap going down here in the hood over the last week none of which can be blogged about.  I will say however that there is a lot that is not fun, desirable, tolerable or bearable in the hood....the MuthaHood that is.

It was definitely by design that babies are born cute, darling, sweet and adorable who love you unconditionally as you do them.  They are fun to be around and even when they lose their s#$% as they say it for the most part is manageable and often times resolved by hugging it out....and you still want to hug it out even though they may have just terrorized an entire WalMart store with their screaming.

There comes an age where even though you might think your kids are still cute and you can on occasion  catch glimpses of the preschoolers they once were, being in the same room with them let alone getting close enough to hug it out almost seems repugnant.  They can hurl insults like an adult, finding every button you have and soft spots too all the while tantruming like a five year old.  Let me tell you it doesnt quite hold the charm that it once did.  Bodies and vocabularies of adults, maturity level typical to the teens they are make it far more difficult to find the resources within yourself to stay the course, not take things personally and most of all not stoop to their level.

I am frustrated and war weary. My feelings are hurt.  I have been fighting the war on a chronic condition that is multi system that hardly anyone knows about and on top of that some added bonuses as side effects of living with a chronic debilitating condition.

Babies, toddlers, preschoolers, grade school them hard while you gottem.  Make loads of memories and really dont sweat the small stuff.  You're going to need to recall the good times once the teen years come to play.  A lot of the early years though trying are mainly a lot of physical labour but with so much pay off.  The joys outweigh the trials.  The rubber meets the road with the teenage years.  Grow a thick skin and learn how to not engage in warfare with a terrorist.  You might think you hold all the power but you?

This is rambling...maybe its the ativan talking I dont know.  Take heed anyway.

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