Friday, October 26, 2012

Family Foundations

Sometimes you have to revel in the cute as it is the only thing that holds you together when the doodoo hits the fan as it inevitably does in adolescence.  Sometimes when we are in the thick of things with the physical labor of caring for a family (of any size) it can be easy to miss out on what is important.  Not that I'm saying groping a poster of a set of tatas is important but it was the laughing together.  The being in the moment.   There is a lot of tough times in parenting and I would say that it is in the home stretch that will make or break you.  There has to be a foundation from which to draw on that allows you to plow forward and essentially not kill each other.  Laughter for sure along with an abundance of love and empathy are some of the foundation I have built my family on.  Well that and the big stick I swing on a regular basis.....

She's not really sleeping but actually refusing to leave the store

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