Friday, December 7, 2012

Decorating gone too far?

Decorating gone too far?

  Listen if your kid has to be dead and you are forced to go on then you have to make the best of things.  

This is it.  This is Ailish's Christmas outfit.  No more dresses, tights or black patent shoes.  No more long flowing hairstyles with glitter added for the Season. 

It is her second Christmas missed but I'm not sure if it is any harder than every day she has missed.  

I would like to say Ailish should not have missed any days before my time had come but I know that would be wrong.  The child lived as long as she was supposed to.  She lived as well as she was supposed to.

It is our loss.  It is us that miss her.  Hopefully she is living bigger and better than what I could have ever dreamed for her.

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