Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ballerina Dreams

 It was viewing day at dance.  The six year old who has cerebral palsy takes part in a dance class that has other dancers with the same.  Recruited as volunteers are older dancers from the studio.  Everyone has a great time and in fact it is the first organized activity that Malia has not been oppositional or defiant in.  Can you say HOLLA!!
having the vision impairment as well makes trying to follow by example very difficult.

Soo loves the older helpers

dance gallop.  The tongue makes all the difference

checking to see if I am watching the awesome gallop she is doing

I am in love with this picture!


Routine to Justin Bieber's Baby Baby

Beyond Spectacular!


Hyper Aspie said...

I LOVED these photos, mainly because Malia is adorable but also because I'm so glad to see the inclusion and acceptance that is happening in this dance studio!

The Kings said...