Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rescue me. Please?

Rescue me!  Please!  I am not a Christmas tree!  Is there a rule stating that rescue dogs actually have to come from a shelter?  If there is could someone hook me up with one of those no kill kind?  I would really appreciate it.  Maybe one around Beverly Hills or wherever those Hollywood types rescue animals from?  I could so see myself living in Hollywood!  Where's Simon Cowell when a dog needs him?  He's always sending people to Hollywood surely I am beautiful and certainly talented enough to go.  I can eat socks and stuffed toys waay better than anybody else.  I can totally do my bizness where I'm supposed to (well most times...ok sometimes) and heck it only took me ten minutes to sit still for this picture!  Oh I should add that I have wicked skilz at irritating people.

There it's settled.  Rescue me and take me in your arms.  Rescue me, something something something charms..... What do you expect?  I'm a dog not a singing chimp!

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