Monday, November 26, 2012

Put Up or Shut Up!

We are worthy, we are exceptional, we are capable.  We are energetic, motivated and experienced. We are love personified, accepting unconditionally.  I say these words about us as a family of 14 (incl me).  I have grown weary of campaigning to raise a child I know we are more than ready for and who so desperately needs us or anyone in fact that is ready to fight for her.

 Folks in authority and those who stand in judgement of large families....if you don't like how many children I have then for love of all things holy put your own hand up in the air and say you will do it.  You will raise the child whom society has deemed unlovable and unworthy.  If you cant do that then please allow those of us who want to and can, to do so!  Phew!  I needed to get that off my chest....for the one millionth time in my parenting journey.


Hyper Aspie said...

You have an incredible family! Don't let anyone in a big suit tell you what to do or how to do it!

Rachel K said...

I think you're amazing. To be able to look after so many children with such love and devotion is a wonderful thing. How dare people criticise you for having a large family and especially caring for those with special needs. Not many people could do what you do. I have one child with special needs and I'm in awe of you for having the ability to care for so many. You provide a loving family for your children, a place to call home where they belong and aren't judged. You rock.