Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Backwards house

Things are a bit backwards at our house it seems.  Little grade oner has homework three nights a week.  Each night she is to braille her week's spelling words and form two to three sentences using the words.
The kid LOVES this homework.  Anytime she has a chance to braille she's all over it.  This is no easy task this learning to braille but the kid is an ace at it.  Typing it that is notsomuch the reading of it.

The backwards part of this story is I detest homework.  Didn't like it as a kid and don't like it any more as an adult.  Here's the good news to my story.  This week as we tried to do homework we couldn't get the paper to load.  It's not brain surgery.  No real difference to loading an old typewriter.  Two teenagers, an inept mother and a six year old who actually knows how to work the thing could not get paper inserted.  The word of the night was d.e.v.a.s.t.a.t.e.d.  The child was upset because she could not do her homework. I was elated.  This might be one of the signs she is not biologically my child.

We sent the brailler back to school where it is getting tuned up and every night the child has asked if she is going to do homework.  Hope springs eternal that the brailler has magically returned without her knowing.  We instead have worked on her penmanship on her magnadoodle.

I have high hopes for this child and her school work ethic.  I'm gearing her towards higher education setting my sights on her being a lawyer.  She has a love of arguing to make it a win for her and providing she practiced fancy schmancy law an income bracket making it a win for me (shut up, someone has to look after me later on...).

Birthday Braille.  Giving Aunty Jo a lesson in brailling on her 6th birthday

Demonstrating by spelling words on command


Ensuring it is done correctly

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