Monday, July 15, 2013

Cold and gloomy day

It is a cold and gloomy day.  Feels more like Autumn than the middle of summer.

Cold and gloomy days encourage emotions of sadness, anger, bitterness.  Everything grief is supposed to be comes out in full force.  Truth be told no matter how many months and now over two years that have gone by those feelings are always just below the surface waiting for just the right trigger to rear their ugly heads.

It doesn't matter during these times the gratitude that resides within me that I was able to experience all that she was and all she brought to our lives.  It doesn't matter that I always knew her time would be short and she had far more years than any predicted.

I have gratitude...logically.  I feel the blessings....logically.

Today and many days I am not logical.

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