Saturday, July 27, 2013

Turns out we might not be pow wow people

Today we packed ourselves up and headed off to a pow wow.  For those of you who have never been to one before pow wows are L.O.U.D when the singers and drummers are going at it.

You might say to yourself "why would that crazy woman take her brood, a number of whom are sound sensitive, to an environment that is surely going to lead to nothing good?"  My response to that is every where we go it is a crap shoot as to who is going to be able to keep themselves together and have a good time and who is going to totally loose their mind.  The pow wow was no different.  Some of my sound sensitive kids did great.  One performed as was expected (let's just say it was lucky it was loud so the majority could not hear her wails and words....).  The others either had a fantastic time or were noncommittal in their responses.

It ended up with us only staying for the main entry where all the dancers enter in sequence.  It is an awesome sight that fills all the senses.  For the time we were there, I will speak for myself here, was well worth the effort.

I'll let you all decide what camp the child was pow wow or against

tries to have a good time no matter where she is

faking a smile for the camera

Can you tell he loves it?

Littlest girl still not wanting to have anything to do with it

Loved loved LOVED it

the teen....maybe notsomuch a fan after a late sleepover

Everybody loves a baby!

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