Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

HAPPY CANADA DAY!  We won't light 146 candles but we will be thinking about them.

So very grateful for the country in which we live that offers us an immeasurable quality of life where the government in many ways takes care of its people.  We have our complaints.  We have our shortcomings but there is no where else in the world I would rather live and raise a family.

With all that has gone on in our city with the unprecedented flooding and the destruction that resulted I have never been more proud of who we are as a people.  Uncountable people, young, old it didn't matter in an undaunting spirit of we are in this together. Whether we were directly affected by the waters or not we were there to help clean up the mess, feed those needing feeding and clothing those that needed clothing.  An amazing time for us as Canadians.

I knew we were great I just don't think I knew how great.

Not as outdoorsey as his ancestry would indicate he should be

After all the messages heard from our mayor about we could not do....go to the last days of school, go out for a planned celebration dinner as we needed to keep roadways free for emergency vehicles, have water outside...the child was very happy that outdoor water restrictions were lifted midnight Sunday morning.  Don't worry Mayor we are still being water wise.  The child yells at me for washing my hands "don't forget water restrictions!"  Trust me....all of you want me washing my hands...

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