Friday, June 28, 2013

You would talk about it too....

Should anyone ever want to question why I have a collection of these dogs these pictures might illustrate a little better than any inept explanation I could come up with.  Pink dogs have now made their  way to our newly opened Target stores.  Unfortunately though quick to complain about the lack of products I was hoping would come to our Canadian Targets I was less on the ball to print a retraction when I they brought them in weeks later....

During this last year the child always has two of these dogs in her hands at all times.  Currently it is one pink and one brown.

Now before you say to me "Listen Lady, don't you think you talk about this Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Dog far to much?" ( if you are new here you won't know how technologically pathetic I am so I am unable to link to the number of times this gal darn toy has been mentioned).  In response I say "If your child's emotional well being therefore yours is dependant on something you would talk about it too"  BAM!


Still stuck

Brown dog imitating a basketball

Brown dog Pink dog aka audience to the girl's magnificence 
Brown dog learning to fly

Pink dog failing to fly

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