Friday, June 28, 2013

And so it begins

"I wish I could just stop being blind"

Oy and so it begins.

The child has kids divided into two groups at her school.  Braille readers and print readers.  When I talk to her about how school works i.e. advancing to different grades she will say "Room 7 only has print readers.  There are no braillers in grade 4" etc.

Breaks my heart.  Because she has enough vision to read print and her ability to read was sort of bestowed upon her if you will meaning she just knew how to read with little to no teaching learning braille has been very tough.  Though she can read print the eye strain will eventually be too great to consume the volume of material that needs to be read as she advances in grades.

Unfortunately on top of things the can I put this delicately?  The child is not the most compliant of children or even that amenable to the strategies that are effective in dealing with the obstinate.  Right now she has such a wall up about braille that even mentioning it can set her off.

I'm thinking that the teaching staff are spending their summer vacations at one of those "resorts".  You know the kind.  Where the movie stars all go due to "exhaustion and dehydration".  This I'm sure will assist them in their detox from the drug and alcohol addictions they likely developed after this year of Grade One.

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