Wednesday, June 26, 2013

State of Emergency

Our city is in a State of Emergency and has been since last Thursday due to unprecedented flooding.  We are fine and incurred no damage but many areas of the city and outlying communities have not faired so well.

School has been cancelled leaving kids confused and missing out on the closure that comes with year end activities.  Malia has been the most confused.  Although we suffered no ill effects our routine has been changed and activities curtailed.  It has also caused some anxiety for her as illustrated by her questioning how water gets into a house and could it go all the way up to the roof etc.

All I can do is reassure her that we live no where near the river and we are fine.  I have also told her and all of the kids that it is our responsibility in having been so lucky to be spared to be the helpers.

Everybody needs to be a helper.

We have focused our energies on assisting the two First Nation communities that have been terribly affected.  Many have lost their homes and the evacuation centre was in great need of the most basic of necessities.  As I have eleven people following me around everyday I do not make a good labourer but I make a great delivery person.  One of the teens has been spending upwards of twelve hours a day helping prepare meals at one of the centres.  She has been a welcome presence and a great help and I believe that to definitely be true.

Everyone needs to be a helper....

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Rachel K said...

I am so sorry to hear that your city is experiencing such awful flooding. I live in Queensland Australia and we have experienced terrible floods here, especially in 2011. Floods can be devastating. Thankfully you are high and dry. You have raised one amazing daughter, volunteering for such long days is remarkable.