Thursday, June 6, 2013

A dreadful tale

It's a dreadful tale.  Luckily....all ended well.

Pink dog went missing however no one knew but Phoenix that Pink dog was missing.

Poor child came and found me to illicit my sleuthing skills.  Problem was...I didn't know what I was sleuthing for.

Into her room we went.  She took me to her closet.  Nothing in there looked like what she would need to ask me for.  I had seen Brown dog on the bed so it did not occur to me that the toy that is attached to her hand morning noon and night was missing.

Finally it dawns on me that Pink dog is no where to be seen.  One dog is acceptable to the child while out during the day.  Two dogs are a necessity where ever else possible.

The big guns had to be called in.  Donovan knows where everyone's shoes and Phoenix's toys are at any given time.

Within minutes order was restored.  Donovan quickly saved the day when asked if he knew where Pink dog was.

Could life get any better?

Can I just say however that from my point of view that dang dogs be they real or plush are out to steal what remnants of sanity I may have had?

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