Friday, December 6, 2013

adoption update such as it is

What is the baby update you might ask?

Nothing good.

I have put in my application to adopt a baby listed on the photo listing.  My home assessment is five years old and things are done differently now.  This would be a government adoption so things run S.L.O.W.  I have been told I am being fast tracked.  That means with my application having gone in at the end of November my home assessment will be completed no where before….wait for it….February.  I have offered to pay an agency to have it done….the same agency that they would contract out to.  My rationale is that if I'm paying I can get it done sooner.  Even if that were true and I don't know if it is my offer was not acceptable.  As I mentioned from my post on TRUST, I am to trust the system.  Easy to say when you are waiting to hear if you are considered worthy for a specific child, or any new child in government care.  Every day that goes by is a day lost to the forever family whoever they are.  As I am sure the baby is receiving excellent care in her foster home medical decisions are being made and ones that have life long effects.  A forever family should be making those.

Christmas is coming.  You know what that means right?  Sure there are all the festivities the Season brings but what it also brings as anyone waiting on government will tell you is a halt in progress.  Workers take holidays, offices are shut and nothing is done short of what is emergent.  More time passes as a little baby celebrates a huge first in what is possibly her temporary home.

As it turns out as I was informed this week is that the foster family has not indicated whether they want to adopt this little peanut they have been loving on.  I am hoping a poop or get off the pot attitude quickly ensues.  I just can't believe that this huge fact was not determined BEFORE they started recruiting adoptive families.  There is a possibility that the family is unsure about their intentions as the needs of the baby are great and will continue to be so.  Maybe they thought they would not have to make the commitment if no one was interested.  It's not an easy one to make.  Being faced with the loss will likely be the impetus to decide.  It is what is best for the baby that is of greatest importance.  If the foster family does want to adopt her and they are capable of meeting her lifelong needs then that is where the baby should stay.  I say that with the utmost sincerity.  I detest children being bounced around like beach balls.

Last word I heard was more discussions needed to be had.  I sure hope those happen fast, for everyone's sake.

In the olden days when I was doing this I had little issue politely climbing the ladder until I got to the deciders.  All of those folks are gone now.  I am treading far more lightly than I ever have short of with the littlest boy's situation.  A fact I know for sure which has been a hurdle since child number five made her appearance was the size of the family and of course my lack of husband.  I only hope we can clear the hurdle again this time.

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