Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Hmmm.  Wondering why adoptive parents would be recruited for a baby in foster care before determining whether the foster parents want to adopt or not.  Foster parents in good standing.  Everybody seems to love them and the care they provide.  If they want to adopt then it makes the most sense to me anyways NOT to disrupt baby by moving her.

Twenty four years in the system and still am no further ahead in wrapping my head around how the folks within it do what they do.  Today I was told I need to "trust the system" and work within it.  I was told this by someone who has been working in the system possibly four times less years than I have been adopting from it and know there is much not to trust about it.

Realistically I know that everyone is attempting to work in the best interests of children.  As it always is with the government raising of children no one can agree on what the best interests are.

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