Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Government time

Government time

To adopt you must complete a criminal check and child intervention check ensuring both that you are not a crazed criminal or have had any negative interactions within the child welfare system.  I had my paperwork in two days after I discovered the baby.  That was November 22 if I am not mistaken.  The worker who processes them has them date stamped as having made it to her desk November 28.  She was on holidays.  For two weeks.  She is working on them today.  December 11.  You do the math.

Now she cannot process them without one other added technicality that is new that I must adhere to.  Here's hoping I can get what I need done with them before Friday and submitted so she can finish processing them.  A fast return of the intervention checks is thirty to sixty days.  Yes you read that right.

I might have only been half right when I said adopting a child from foster care requires the skills of a hostage negotiator.  It also requires the patience of a saint.  Unfortunately I aint no saint.


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