Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The making of mini banana loaves

setting the oven
This little dolly loves loves loves to bake.  It is an excellent activity to share time, knowledge and fun.  It is especially great as a means of teaching responsibility and independence in the kitchen along with helping issues with some tactile defensiveness.  There is a lot of touching of all kinds of textures when baking and when you find being dirty or gooey aversive it can be a baking buzz kill.  Luckily the child is motivated enough that she is overcoming some of her aversions.
Sadly this little chronicle of events is missing the documentation of the final product.  By that time the child was done and other issues took precedent and the banana loaves were eaten with great pride as always.

A little anticlimactic at the end I know....

the excitement begins!                                                                             

the pouring

the reading of the ingredients

the turning on of the mixer

the being allowed in a cupboard not usually allowed in

learning how to  measure

and measure accurately

the mashing of the bananas

the greasing of the tins

the flouring of the tin

shake shake

pouring and measuring


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