Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3,2000

February 3, 2000.  What an amazing day in my life!  It was the day I was matched and brought home nine day old Ailish.

She had been alone in hospital, essentially abandoned for all of her nine days.  She had not even been named.  The dry erase board read something to the effect of "this is Baby "Emily".  She needs extra TLC".

I dressed her, signed the required adoption and discharge papers and couldn't wait to leave the hospital.  She was mine.  We were hers.  She was claimed for forever and for always.

(It bears noting that I can remember the time the CALL came, the majority of what was said and the events of the day that followed and it was fourteen years ago.  I cannot however remember where I put the dental floss that I just bought....)

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