Sunday, January 26, 2014

Party day

We had a little luncheon in honour of Ailish's birthday.  It was nice, not sad, not morose.  As a rule folks don't generally like to be on the guest list for a dead kid's birthday party but unfortunately the circle I run in these days there are more and more of us in the "club" so we all get it.  We know how desperate we all are for our children to still be remembered no matter how many birthdays or anniversaries pass.  
There is also a dark sense of humour that can come with losing your child.   I don't know if others get it or not but it is what it is.  Another mum who lost her daughter ten weeks before Ailish passed made  Ailish a birthday hat.  For the urn.  Hilarious.  Just cause you're dead doesn't mean you can't dress for your big day....

I am grateful for all the spectacular people in mine and my kids' lives.


The Kings said...

Wish she was here and not in the urn. :( Gorgeous cake. Lots of love xxx

gorillabuns said...